G'alaba qozonish uchun strategiyalardan foydalanish

Gambling strategies can increase the chances of winning and hitting the jackpot. When choosing one method, you should not use another in the middle of the game, it is better to finish and change the slot machine or card game and use a new strategy. No one guarantees that a player will win at the best slotozal зеркало casino, but it's worth a try.

Good old martingale

This strategy has been known for a long time, it appeared with the first slot machines. It is used in all games where there are bets. The principle is simple - increase the bet by 2 times if the previous one lost, so you can win back all the losses. But there is one drawback - with a series of failures, the bankroll should be large, because the rates increase exponentially and the gambler may simply not have enough funds to make the next bet.

Parlay or Reverse Martingale

Similar to the previous strategy, exactly the opposite. At the beginning of the game, the maximum bet is made, decreases by 2 times after a loss and returns to the original one after a win. After all, often after one victory there is a series of wins.

"Up down"

Combination of Parlay and Martingale. The game starts with any bet size and decreases when you lose, and increases when you win. The gamer determines this value in advance for each game.

"Up the stairs"

This is a strategy of constantly raising rates. The bet increases every time you lose and stays the same when you win. The main point is to determine the amount that the player can use in the slot machine, and the number of "empty" (losing) spins. If the gambler's bankroll is small, then the number of "bare" spins should be kept to a minimum (up to 7 times).

"Win - Run"

The essence of the strategy is that if you win a larger amount (above a certain bankroll), the player leaves the game and makes bets in other slots or even withdraws the winnings.

"Bare Backs"

Before starting the game, the gamer determines for himself the number of losing spins in a row. And the gambler leaves this slot machine when this number appears. For example, the user has chosen the number 7 and starts playing, after the seventh loss in a row, he switches to another machine.


The principle is as follows: a gradual increase and then a decrease in rates. For example, on this slot the player will play for 10 minutes. He starts playing with the minimum bet and brings it to the maximum gradually, increasing it in 5 minutes, then reduces it to the minimum in another 5 minutes.

"One Game"

The player makes the maximum bet, if it turns out to be winning, then he continues to play for the amount won. If you lose, you move on to the next device.

Only the experience of the player and the opportunity to play in demo mode will help you choose a successful strategy. Before betting real money, you should carefully read the information about the selected slot. The win rate must be above 90%.

By putting strategies into practice, you can consistently make small profits by playing every day. Or you can rely on luck and try to hit the jackpot. The best option would be to develop your own winning strategy, thanks to which users can receive a stable income.

Tips on how to win at an online casino

As they say, beginners are lucky, you can rely on luck and bet randomly and think: “What if you get lucky”. But experienced gamblers apply a few rules:

  1. Use strategy and don't deviate from it a single step. It can be popular, or you can develop your own and win small amounts every day.
  2. Choose a "winning" slot machine. Read the information about the slot, bonuses give more chances to win. Choose a machine with a return of more than 90%. Practice in the demo version, gain experience and only then play for real money.
  3. Beginners should bet the minimum amount of money, start playing only after deciding on the amount of money that the player can afford to lose.
  4. Always remain calm and balanced in any outcome of the game. If a person is nervous, overexcited with excitement, then most likely he will lose a lot.
  5. Do not drink alcohol, thereby distracting attention, the gamer gives in to excitement and constantly increases the size of the bet, does not notice that he is losing.
  6. With a series of failures, take a break for 12 or more hours. During this time, emotions will subside, and a person will be able to reason sensibly and calmly.
  7. In card games, winning is most often determined by experience and knowledge of the best combinations in poker and the ability to count points in blackjack.